Friday, November 21, 2008



In the blue of the sky, in the green of the forest,
Whose is the hand that has painted the glow?
When the winds were asleep in the womb of the ether,
Who was it roused them and bade them to blow?

He is lost in the heart, in the cavern of Nature,
He is found in the brain where He builds up the thought:
In the pattern and bloom of the flowers He is woven,
In the luminous net of the stars He is caught.

In the strength of a man, in the beauty of woman,
In the laugh of a boy, in the blush of a girl;
The hand that sent Jupiter spinning through heaven,
Spends all its cunning to fashion a curl.

There are His works and His veils and His shadows;
But where is He then? by what name is He known?
Is He Brahma or Vishnu? a man or a woman?
Bodies or bodiless? twin or alone?

We have love for a boy who is dark and resplendent,
A woman is lord of us, naked and fierce.
We have seen Him a-muse on the snow of the mountains,
We have watched Him at work in the heart of the spheres.

We will tell the whole world of His ways and His cunning;
He has rapture of torture and passion and pain;
He delights in our sorrow and drives us to weeping,
Then lures with His joy and His beauty again.

All music is only the sound of His laughter,
All beauty the smile of His passionate bliss;
Our lives are His heart-beats, our rapture the bridal
Of Radha and Krishna, our love is their kiss.

He is strength that is loud in the blare of the trumpets,
And He rides in the car and He strikes in the spears;
He slays without stint and is full of compassion;
He wars for the world and its ultimate years.

In the sweep of the worlds, in the surge of the ages,
Ineffable, mighty, majestic and pure,
Beyond the last pinnacle seized by the thinker
He is throned in His seats that for ever endure.

The Master of man and his infinite Lover,
He is close to our hearts, had we vision to see;
We are blind with our pride and the pomp of our passions,
We are bound in our thoughts where we hold ourselves free.

It is He in the sun who is ageless and deathless,
And into the midnight His shadow is thrown;
When darkness was blind and engulfed within darkness,
He was seated within it immense and alone.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Utility Grid Computing

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Grid Ride ...

I always make sure not to bring in any technical stuff into this blog. But, this time, I couldnt. After all, my work is out there live on!

Well, is Sun Microsystem's Grid Compute Utility. It delivers enterprise computing power and resources over the Internet, enabling developers, researchers, scientists and businesses to optimize performance, speed time to results, and accelerate innovation without investment in IT infrastructure.

Unfortunately though, those outside the US will not be able to try it out :(

I am planning to come up with a video demonstrating the true power of the Grid! So, Let the wait begin! ;)

For more information on the Sun Grid, visit! And if you already know what it looks like, check it out again! It has a cool new look! :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Two Hours To Go .... WC 2007 beckons...

Friday, March 09, 2007

Laugh! :)

3 engineers and 3 accountants are travelling by train to a conference. At the station, the 3 accountants each buy tickets and watch as the 3 engineers buy only a single ticket.

- "How are 3 people going to travel on only one ticket?" asks an accountant.

- "Watch and you'll see," answers an engineer.

They all board the train. The accountants take their respective seats but all three engineers cram into a restroom and close the door behind them. Shortly after the train has departed, the conductor comes around collecting tickets.
He knocks on the restroom door and says, "Ticket, please."

The door opens just a crack and a single arm emerges with a ticket in hand.
The conductor takes it and moves on.

The accountants saw this and agreed it was quite a clever idea. So after the conference, the accountants decide to copy the engineers on the return trip and save some money (being clever with money, and all that). When they get to the station, they buy a single ticket for the return trip. To their astonishment, the engineers don't buy a ticket at all.

- "How are you going to travel without a ticket?" says one perplexed accountant.

- "Watch and you'll see," answers an engineer.

When they board the train the 3 accountants cram into a restroom and the 3 engineers cram into another one nearby. The train departs. Shortly afterward, one of the engineers leaves his restroom and walks over to the restroom where the accountants are hiding. He knocks on the door and says,
"Ticket, please."

Monday, March 05, 2007

Cheers to Numbers!!!

Disclaimer : All details mentioned in this article are true to the best of the author's knowledge, though, sometimes, the reader may feel that the author is lying!!!

I do not drive to office. On lucky days, my roommates drop me, else, I take an autorikshaw. Hence, I spend most of my travel time observing vehicle numbers, searching for some patterns or co-incidences. Glamourous movie posters do not interest me anymore. You start hating them when you actually go n watch those movies!! Nothing like I am a math whiz, but just on a lookout for interesting numbers to while away my travel time!!

(Time travel, rather than travel time would have made things different tho! ;) )

/* The beginning

I once saw a black pulsar - KA - 07 EQ 049. A7 was the code for my specialization in college(Computer Science) and 049 was my college id no! Why not search for my
roommates' id nos too ?

The End of the Beginning */

Sixteen days, all nos found!!!! 049, 063, 099, 084, 031. And in the process, I also encountered some nos like these - 9931, 8463 etc!!! Well, is there any way to calculate the probability of such an event?! Well, what is the sample space then?? I leave that to the reader as I already mentioned I am not a math whiz!!

I was amazed that I was able to find all these nos in sixteen days, jus by looking at car nos for 30 mts a day!! This interested me and I wanted to try more. So, this time, I chose squares. I guess it was one fine day in mid Feb that I noticed 8 square nos!!!! And once, I even came up with a couple of arithmetic progression triplets on the same day!!!!

These interesting patterns (or co-incidence if u want to call it) continues to amaze me...

N here's the best - Two cars, both black Hyundai Accents - with the following nos
KA 01 ** 1729
KA 01 ** 1729

(** - I remember having tried to recollect the 4 letters a thousand times in vain)

FYI - 1729 is called the Hardy Ramanujam number - The only no that can be expressed as the sum of 2 cubes in 2 different ways - 10 cube + 3 cube and 12 cube + 1 cube.

I still wonder why it dint strike me to take a picture of both cars standing together. Afterall, my mobile with a 1.3 mega pixel camera was there in my jeans pocket!! :( But, going by past experiences, I am sure I will get a chance to click the same cars together, if not something better!!

What is it that makes these vehicles come together to generate patterns? Is it just co-incidence? If yes, then why me? May be because I am the one who doesnt own a bike! Probably, when I own one, I wont have the time to notice all these as I would be busy concentrating on protecting my life from the extremely dangerous bangalore traffic.

Cheers to numbers, probability, and co-incidences!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Helmets Helmets Everywhere!

Its been about a month now since the Karnataka Government imposed the 'helmet rule' - Helmets made mandatory for two wheeler riders. A much needed rule indeed for a city with growing traffic. Traffic policemen were seen in every nook and corner for the first few days after the rule came into force. Afterall, it was a chance for them to bribe more. However, there was a positive side to it too, the public actually started responding - Am seeing helmets everywhere now!!!!!

I was so impressed by the public response to the rule that I actually started counting the people without helmets on my way to office!! Thats when I realised that Indians are Indians!! I noticed many 'cool dudes' riding bikes with(out) their helmets tucked in their hands. And they just pop it on to their heads when they are about to reach a traffic signal!!!! Ah! Brainy people. They get to disobey the rule! They get to ride bikes without wearing helmets! And they get to escape the law and the policemen!!

When are we going to change?